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Power your home using the sun's free power! GEA Solar Pty Ltd install high quality solar panel systems to East Gippsland and surrounds. We can design a system that meets your individual needs and the hip pocket, using only quality products.


Grid connect solar power means that you can generate your own clean energy and

feed it back to the electricity grid. The surplus that you feed back will be credited against what you have used and thus save you money.


A grid connect system includes the solar photovoltaic panels and an inverter that changes the voltage of the power produced to match your mains electricity voltage, thereby allowing it to synchronise with mains power. You can then run household appliances from it and run the power meter backwards if you are generating more

than you use.


GEA Solar Pty Ltd offers a range of different sizes and types of grid-connect systems to help meet your budget and to get the best return on your investment. We only install quality, reliable products in all our installations.


A Grid Connect System with Battery Back up


A lot of people have become discouraged by the increasing electricity costs and the decreasing feed-in tariff, so have elected to install a grid connected power system and include a battery bank. So instead of sending unused AC power back into the grid, this system stores spare DC power in batteries and converts it back to AC so you can use it in your property when your panels aren’t working - at night, or when it’s very cloudy, or even if there’s a power outage.


GEA Solar Pty Ltd is experienced with designing and installing solar PV systems with battery backup.


Grid connected systems can be adapted to incorporate battery backup or a system can be designed specifically right at the start to deliver this capability.


When an excess of power is made and the batteries are full (i.e. in Summer) then this power can be fed back into the grid-resulting in

a credit on your account.


A hybrid system doesn’t give you complete freedom from the grid, but does enable

you to use the grid merely as a backup or top-up device, in much the same way that

a generator would be used.


Off-Grid Stand Alone Power System (SAPS)


For those who are not connected to the grid or who wish to remain independent of

the grid, a Stand-Alone Power System (SAPS) is for you. These systems may also be referred to as a Remote Area Power System (RAPS). GEA Solar Pty Ltd will meet with you

to plan and design a SAPS system that meets your specific energy needs.


The solar panels on the SAPS provide direct current (DC) power to a battery bank through a regulator. This battery bank stores the electrical energy. An inverter then converts the DC battery power to 240V alternating current (AC) power. The power

that is generated and stored in this way, is used to power your appliances and home. GEA Solar Pty Ltd can also help you reduce your energy consumption by recommending more energy efficient appliances.


The benefits of a SAPS















GEA Solar Pty Ltd backs up all our installations with strong warranties

and customer support.

No more ever increasing electricity bills

Reliable power to your home, 365 days a year

Optional generator backup for times when your power usage is higher

A data display, which allows you to track your energy usage and system performance

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